The Story of Serpent-Woman

gathering of queens Sep 23, 2019


Let us discuss for a moment The One Who Knows Herself vs the Wounded Princess.

A woman who fears her shadow can never integrate into unity, to practice proper alchemy, or to know the rites of the dark mother: complete rebirth and destruction of everything that binds you.

The Princess contorts around, suffocating herself, desperately trying to be nice, to be sweet, to make sure everyone likes her.

She does not have access to her true Self, and walks around emptily hoping someone will see her smile and tell her she is good and pretty, so she can breathe again.

She spends most of her life gasping for air. Hoping she’ll be good enough for an uninitiated man to like her. To get approval from her community. To get kudos for always shining.

She does not know herself, and so, like a chameleon, she changes to suit her environment. Pious, cute, uncomplicated. When confronted with the energy of The Woman Who Knows Herself, she recoils, disgusted. She meets the Hag and the...

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The six figure business thing.

gathering of queens Sep 20, 2019


Honestly, I thought being "internet famous" was the most embarrassing shit in the world.

I didn't even know what that meant.

Like, were these the people who were still hung up on MySpace fame and were carrying it over into something else!?!?

Did they still have scene mullets...

I didn't wake up and decide to be an entrepreneur.

I didn't see someone else make one bajillion dollars and think -- dude! I'm gonna exploit people! For cash!

Actually, I went through a horribly traumatizing breakup.

I couldn't move for weeks.

And my kundalini was going crazy. I would just lay in bed and feel like I was being fucked open by God, sometimes for hours. Undulating. Having visions.

The Divine Mother had been visiting me for a long time. Around this time, she would appear with this insane headdress on, and just cackle. Howling laughter.

At the time, I wasn't afraid, but perhaps confused.

I felt like I was writhing on the floor of death, and somehow, there she was - boisterous.


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What I've Learned About Money

gathering of queens Sep 19, 2019


All of you is WELCOME.
All of you is HOLY, PERFECT, DIVINE.
The ways you learned to change yourself to receive love and acceptance must die, in the rising.
Your LUMINOUS AUTHENTIC SELF is light and shadow. Death and Rebirth. Underworld and HEAVEN. Sex and ART. Expansion and contraction.The CRONE AND THE QUEEN.

The One of the LIGHT with the WILD EYES.
Crowned by her own resurrection,
for she has died to the agenda of silence,
has claimed herself,
and sits at the Throne of Truth - all-seeing, all-knowing,



When a woman finally comes into her wildness: everything is WELCOME.

The shame must die.
Be composted.
Left in a heap with the leaves.
Where we’re going: this will be required.
You cannot hide yourself.
You cannot quiet yourself.
The world has benefitted from this for far too long.
At first: it was intentional.

We took our magic underground to survive.
The burning times came, and we went dark.
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STAYING Fabulous in the midst of EVERYTHING

gathering of queens Sep 06, 2019

Three KEYS, my QUEEN
Three keys to keeping your Queen energy HIGH -

1. Protect your space. Do not bend over. Your crown will fall. Breaking vows against yourself to receive temporary energetic pleasures from those who cannot meet you is only a disservice to yourself. Learn to respect and honor yourself with such an intensity that you never fear to utter your words of truth. To cast out the shadows of this world requires a fierce and deep initiation into unshakable self-reverence. This is different than self-love in that it is the energy that goes to war for what is in alignment. It is an essence of your inner King energy - protecting the fortress, maintaining the castle, ensuring your Sovereignty. You must first become this for yourself. Do not let subtle or tempting distractions pull you away from the path of higher and deeper awareness of your perfect illumination.

2. Pleasure yourself. Not just physically, but in all sensual ways imaginable. Be in divinely sumptuous environments....

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BABE, are you coming!?

gathering of queens Sep 05, 2019

Queen -- 


Have you been calling in a Gathering of Queens?

Wanting to spend an EPIC Samhain/Halloween with a bunch of big-hearted new lady friends?


Come out on the other side full of RESPLENDENT JOY!?!

'Tis the season...

And I'm taking you on a journey!!

Please join myself and 13 other incredible human beings in the Blue Ridge Mountains for what will likely be one of the most incredible experiences of all of our lives.


OCTOBER 27th [6pm Start] - October 31st [Noon checkout] [optional evening gathering in Asheville for Samhain]

FLY // DRIVE INTO: Asheville, NC

Retreat includes all meals, lodging, all workshops, group work, and healing.

You just need to get there! We are taking care of the rest.

We are extremely privileged to be staying on 63 acres of blessed and charged land, backed up to 100 acres of national forest. There are abundant rivers, waterfalls, fairy glens, and hiking trails. 

We have multiple fire pits, a huge group...

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gathering of queens Sep 03, 2019

Gorgeous One!!--

I am so excited I can barely contain myself.
We've secretly launched our SAMHAIN RETREAT! 
Some places have already been claimed, and the Early Bird pricing expires this Friday.

Here are the details:

OCTBER 27 -31st


"Immerse yourself in the beauty and majesty of The Blue Ridge Mountains for private rest and relaxation, solitary spiritual practice, and deep group healing work. Roaring streams, waterfalls, forests, and mountains adorn our 63 acres of land that meld into hundreds of acres of National Forest"

The Blue Ridge Highlands are gentle, rolling mountains blanketed with green forestry and clear blue skies. 

As a part of the Appalachian mountain range, The Highlands once stood as tall as the European Alps and are over 480 million years old, making them the oldest mountains in the world. 

They are a touchstone to the beauty, endurance,...

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